What to Expect Before & After Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Bunion Surgery

Minimally invasive bunion surgery offers patients less pain and faster recovery than other bunion procedures. But many patients still have questions about the procedure. In this article, we are going to explain what you can expect before and after a minimally invasive bunion procedure.

Before Minimally Invasive Bunion Surgery

Here is what to expect pre-op as you prepare for minimally invasive bunion surgery:

Right After the Procedure

Immediately following the procedure, a special orthopedic shoe will be placed on your foot and when you are comfortable, you can go home with your chosen companion. You can place weight on the foot BUT, the foot will swell more if it is down; better to keep it elevated above your heart as much as possible. The bandage and orthopedic shoe should remain on until seen in the office. Crutches, walker or a wheelchair can be used, but MOST patients will not need them

Postoperative Course

Swelling in the foot is the last issue to resolve. This may take many months or even up to a year to go away completely. Everyone heals at different rates so this general time-line may be changed and individualized. There are always risks with any surgery: infection, wound healing problems, scarring, swelling…these things, though very rare in minimally invasive surgery may occur and affect your post-operative course and outcome.



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