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My foot looks great and I am once again able to fit into my shoes. The procedure was a complete success and I could not be happier with the results. Your ability to reconstruct my foot and undo the damage that was done by the first operation amazes me. If only I had the sense to go to you in the first place I may have saved myself months of agony.”

- Joseph 


“I had surgery for Freiberg’s infraction of my left second metatarsal (toe surgery) after a long and frustrating diagnosis by other physicians. I only wish I had found your practice sooner. I am thrilled to say I’m running marathons again and am working 12 hour shifts with no difficulty. Your knowledge and professionalism are outstanding.”

- Heather


“My improvement since the subtalar fusion surgery has been remarkable. Last week, I walked the length of the San Diego Zoo. Of course, the foot still occasionally gets stiff and sore. My goal is to continue working on my gait so I can compete with my dogs in Obedience in the Fall. I’m already training them!”

- Liz

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